Shipment is on the WATER!

Hello friends, backers, and cool people!

First of all, thank you for your patience as spring has sprung and you still don’t have your Mock ONEs.   We have just received an update and your products are ON THE SHIP in two large shipping containers. Production is complete! The packaging is complete! The logistics are complete! Now, all we need to do is wait for the ship to get here!

Mocks in a box

All the products are on a ship headed to our distribution center in Los Angeles!!  It will take three weeks on the water to get to the port of Long Beach, spend a couple of days to clear customs, and one short drive to the warehouse where it should be a very quick turn around to ship out to you. Good news is they are pre-labeled with FedEx shipping information, so as we receive them in the warehouse and we will hand them over to the carrier as fast as possible.  So, we are looking at late May now (May 27-31) to get to your door.  

Thanks again for your patience and perseverance, your Mock ONEs are coming soon!

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