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Hello Friends, Backers, and cool people of the Republic of Durable Goods.

-15F in Minneapolis MN
-15F in Minneapolis MN

Spring is approaching and your Mock ONE is coming soon... here is an update.   During our last update explained putting a hold production to replace a defect part (non-critical elastic bands) on the Mock ONE frame. This delay was required to make sure we deliver a product that you will be super proud to say that you helped launch! Thank you for your patience and your support!

So... the factories got back to work at the end of February after the CNY holiday. Manufacturing of the new and improved elastic bands took a bit longer than expected to complete. Our factory just started replacing all of the elastic bands in the Mock ONEs last week. All 4000 pieces are scheduled to be completed next week. YAHOO!  The next step is to load it on the cargo ship. It takes about 3 weeks on the ship to reach our warehouse, where we will be sorting and shipping out to our Backers. 

Last time we mentioned shipping starting late March / early April, now we are looking more like mid-late April. We know you are super excited to get your Mock ONEs and are chomping at the bit to get out there and see where you can Mock. We are also! Your Mock ONEs are coming soon and will be better than ever! 

In the meantime… just for our backers, Jason made a couple videos of the Mock ONE set-up and take down with some additional tips and info along the way. Check them out on YouTube by clicking on the images below. We may make more of these “tips and info” videos if you'd like.  Just "like" the videos so we know that you want more.

Thank you, again, for supporting the Republic of Durable Goods and for backing the Mock ONE! We will send another update when the production order has been completed and is loaded on the boat, which will be in a few weeks.  Your Mock ONEs will be delivered to you in April.  Thanks again for your patience and understanding.

Please, for whatever reason, if you have additional questions reach out here or contact us at

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