How to Take an Adventure Nap

Not much beats taking a nap in your hammock.

Except, of course, taking a hammock nap in the great outdoors. That’s something we like to call an adventure nap. Whether it’s your backyard, a local park, or your favorite campground, we’d like to invite you to take an adventure nap and make happy with us this summer.

Here’s how!

Choose the Right Hammock

The Mock ONE makes it easy to claim your own personal slice of paradise! Compact and foldable, this portable hammock comes with a built-in stand for simple setup and takedown. Not only that, but it’s also incredibly comfortable and durable!

Don’t Forget Your Hammock Accessories 

A rainfly, bug net, underquilt, and top quilt will make your next adventure nap even more comfortable. Buy your favorite accessories separately with the Mock ONE or try the Chill Master package which includes a sun shade, rainfly, bug net, underquilt, top quilt, compact pillow, and carry bag. I love these hammock accessories for lounging but they become absolutely essential for hammock camping!

Bring Your Four-Legged Friend 

Most dogs and cats love mocking just as much as us humans! Whether in your backyard or at the campsite, small animals can join you in your hammock, although you’ll probably want to keep larger dogs on the ground (or in their own hammock!). Here’s some more tips for successfully hammock camping with your dog.

Find a Great Chill Spot 

Location, location, location. The great thing about a hammock is that they’re enjoyable to use just about anywhere – you can even build an indoor hammock oasis at home! But there’s just something even more special about taking an adventure nap in nature. My favorite places to mock are campgrounds, dispersed campsites, the beach, and near natural hot springs. What about you?

Set Up Your Adventure Nap Oasis 

Start with your hammock and go from there. Me personally? I like to outfit my adventure nap oasis with string lights and a folding camp table to use as a side table. If I’m headed up into the woods, I always bring my camping stove to cook a delicious camping meal. 

Kick Back & Relax 

Now that your hammock oasis is all set up, it’s time to kick back and relax! Take a nap, read a book, listen to some tunes, talk to a friend, or just enjoy being out in nature. For an adventure nap with a friend or loved one, check out our Mock ONE two-pack bundles!

Don’t Forget to #AdventureNap on Social Media! 

We’d love to see your next adventure nap setup, especially if you’re in a Mock ONE! Add the #adventurenap hashtag to your social media posts so we can see how you mock!

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