⚡Products are Shipping ⚡

Hello Friends and Founders,

The Mock ONE orders have started to ship, and some have already been delivered!  Mock ONE season is starting!

You will soon be receiving (or have received) an email with your tracking information when your order is picked up by FedEx our warehouse in California.  Follow this tracking until the order arrives at your door. Make happy!

Shipping 2500 pieces takes time. We have just received word from our warehouse that the FedEx process for delivering our pre-labeled orders is excruciatingly slow.  Apparently, FedEx does not pick up large quantities of pre-labeled parcels in one day. The warehouse has to make reservations with FedEx for pick up with limited quantities at a time.  So, with over 2500 orders to ship out, the shipping window will take longer than anticipated. We have been told that all US orders to be shipped out by the end of next week.

We know you are all anxiously awaiting your Mock ONEs, and can’t wait to get out there and find cool and amazing places to Mock!  We anxiously await your feedback on the product, and hope you truly love the comfort and freedom of the Mock ONE Compact Freestanding Hammock.

Make Happy!

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